Established in 1929, the Greene County Historical Society received its official charter from the University of the State of New York in 1939.


A project by Jessie Vedder

The founding of the Greene County Historical Society in 1929 was an event several years in the making. Over a decade prior, just after the close of World War One, the Board of Supervisors of Greene County voted to bestow Jessie Van Vechten Vedder of Leeds, NY with the title of Greene County Historian - the first in our County's history. Mrs. Vedder discharged her duties with incredible proficiency, but the endeavor was a solo affair requiring monumental effort. By 1929 Jessie Vedder had stirred up enough interest among several prominent citizens to form a Society dedicated to the work she was tasked with. Ever since that time the Greene County Historical Society has worked to facilitate and enable the work of the County Historian, our 14 Municipal Historians, and a vast gathering of private individuals who crave a deeper understanding of the nationally significant story of Greene County.


Our Mission

The permanent charter of the Society states, "the object of this Society shall be the preservation of historical matter relating to the history of Greene County in particular and New York State in general, and to create an interest in all matters of historical information; collect, receive, preserve and safely keep historical records, documents, books, paper maps, manuscripts, letters, journals, relics and things which may establish or illustrate the history, growth and progress of the County of Greene and its surroundings, and to establish a Museum therein for their preservation."

To that end the Society:

  • Sponsors a wide variety of education programs and activities for children and adults.

  • Operates the Vedder Research Library as an archive and special collections.

  • Operates the Bronck Museum to promote awareness of local heritage.

  • Publishes the Quarterly Journal for Society members.

  • Maintains the Greene County Historical Register to document, recognize and encourage the preservation of historical structures and sites throughout Greene County.

  • Encourages close contact with other historical societies, museums and local historians in an effort to promote awareness and wider understanding of Greene County's past.

As a not-for-profit organization the Greeene County Historical Society seeks its funding through endowments, grants, memberships, and fundraising. Through this continued support, the Society is able to operate the Bronck Museum and Vedder Research Library.

More than 300 years of Hudson Valley history are embodied in the campus of architecturally significant buildings which comprise the Bronck Museum. After eight generations of management as a working farm the property transferred into the care of the Greene County Historical Society under a provision of the will of Leonard Bronk Lampman. This legacy is a permanent memorial to his mother Adelaide Ely Bronk Lampman, a lineal descendant of Pieter Bronck, original grantee and first builder of the 1663 house. The Greene County Historical Society maintains the Bronck Farmstead as its headquarters and as a museum housing a collection of significant historical artifacts which reflect the region's history.